Thursday 9 October 2014


One month behind and still one month to go. We are very glad to have this large show at the Russet, which is a real hub for local communities and creative minds. All sorts of events, from parties to weddings, gigs and kids activities are taking place and it's great to have our works blending with local residents and other art forms. I would like to advise future visitors to take the liberty to ask the staff for help if visibility of the show could be improved. The Russet has a new bill daily with different settings everyday, so do not hesitate to ask for help if you need to have proper lightings when visiting. Few artists of our platform are also showing other works in other venues during the London Photomonth festival, so please visit their latest activities by clicking on the relevant link on the right hand side of the blog page. For the truly photo lovers I would also recommend you to go to Brighton where two photo festivals are being held at the same time (Biennale and Fringe) during the whole of October. Again, some of of artists have works there. Have a good Autumn and enjoy the festivals!

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