Saturday 29 September 2012


This last week-end of September 2012 marks the departure of our first official collective show from the Hoxton hotel in Shoreditch. I am very proud that this project has been selected amongst other very serious contenders. Besides the venue decided to extend the show for an extra three weeks. The response from the artists has been amazing and the experience with the staff truly exceptional. We are now working on new possibilities by considering new angles from the large archives we have produced. Many thanks to everyone for your support and visits.


You will find an enriching interview from Chris Dorley-Brown with The Great Leap Sideways online magazine. Chris talks about his 30 years career so far, the East End and life.


                                                   Olympic Car Park 2011
                                                   ©Chris Dorley-Brown                                                   

Wednesday 5 September 2012


Interesting issue 22 of the London Independent Photography magazine (FLIP) especially dedicated to the 2012 Games and the notion of game (as practice and leisure)
8 pages cover the work of Homer Sykes about one of his latest work titled Before the Blue Wall
Also a double page with Chris Dorley-Brown Roach Road which is being shown at the Hox gallery.
Finally there is a review of the Art of Dissent book with the usual suspects mentioned in earlier post.
I found my copy from the Photographers Gallery and it costs £4.