Friday 24 January 2014


It was a real pleasure to meet up yesterday with David George and Mike Seaborne at the launch of  the book ARCHIVE. I sadly arrived after the presentation but managed to catch up with people and the works. I strongly recommend you this new publication which has all the assets for a successful and versatile read. Simply after flipping its pages I can see that not only individuals, not our platform but also institutions are taking the East End as an evolving organic social and artistic matter to question and document in real time. I am looking forward to dive into it.

Imagining the East End

Supported by the Cass school of Art
Susan Andrews and Nicholas Haeffner
Edited by Zelda Cheatle

Black Dog Publishing
isbn 978-1-908966-37-7

Friday 17 January 2014


Very exciting show to witness at the Russet in Hackney Downs Studios by Chris Dorley Brown. As it says the photographer explores the East End and its changing faces from 1970 until today. I was delighted to discover this place at first. I lived nearby few years back and this area has always been abandoned somehow so it is nice to see that there is some creative life on the rise. I can see that Hackney is changing a lot and rapidly. The Russet is a very rich and alternative space where you feel at home. The atmosphere is cosy and child friendly and the space is quite vast. I was very surprised to see that such a commercial venture can offer that much space to an artist in a way that it really looks like an art exhibition instead of a generic profitable decoration.
The flow of the selection and versatility of the walls offer a real journey through Chris' work. In the end it feels like witnessing a mini-retrsopective of his hard work and passion for morphing Hackney and is communities. The prints are all different in size, presentation and finish which makes it very exciting. As you explore the different walls and rooms you get immersed in the various eras and series Chris has observed with his own intellect and engagement. The show runs until 5th March. I know it is not that convenient to get there but it is truly worth it.

The Russet, Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace E8 2BT
Nearest train stations: Rectory Road, Dalston Kingsland, Hackney Downs