Thursday 6 March 2014


I have started photographing inside the Olympic site whereas my previous long term project "Arteries of a new East" focused on its outskirts and all main axes that lead to Stratford. My new "E20" project focuses on the progress made in that mid-Olympic transitional term before the next games in Brazil.
2014 is that pivotal time to gather materials of the promises made upfront and to analyse the present situation, and maybe anticipate more accurately the near future. I am planning three days shooting overall restricting myself to the limits of what the new borough is and of what is officially permitted as some areas are still under construction.
I am shooting like a "tourist" with my compact digital Fuji XF1 in order to produce virtual and fading memories of a site that encapsulates this feeling. I wish to produce a light and cheap promotional "estate-agent" like brochure to distribute freely. The composite above is a sketch of what I have in mind so far.

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