Friday 29 November 2013


Dear Friends,

My first iPad book is published today by Fusion Lab in NYC, it’s available from the App Store for the princely sum of £2.99. Featuring 120 colour photographs of the evolving London landscape from 1983 to the present and an introduction text by Stewart Home. Thanks & best wishes! Chris X

Fusion Lab says:
Continuum is an interactive book on the iPad that showcases photographer Chris Dorley Brown’s unique set of before-and-after photos of London spanning two decades. These pairs of photos with their identical framing of the exact same location, reveal the sometimes incredible and sometimes subtle but always present march of time.

This interactive book provides an especially fitting means of experiencing this exceptional photographer’s particular view into the ways in which streets, buildings and people change over time. By tapping the subtle icon in the lower-left corner the “before” image fades into the “after” image. Tap repeatedly to toggle back and forth through time. Scroll vertically to see both photos side by side, the years they were shot, and the photos’ caption. 

The book includes sixty pairs, or one hundred and twenty photographs, as well as a beautiful essay on this work by writer Stewart Home. 

The app will be available for purchase ($4.99) on Thursday, November 28th. The app store url is:

Samples of photographs from Continuum

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