Friday 2 August 2013


My own Stories from an autonomous space is titled Playtime in reference to Tati's last major long feature.
The pictures are now hung and ready to enjoy with a coffee in Marylebone.

I have photographed the East-End from 2009 until early 2012 to analyze the shift experienced on the way to the recent London Olympics and gathered materials to be presented in various ways. Today I want to pay hommage to French film director Jacques Tati. Playtime was not only his masterpiece but also his downfall.
Best known for his modern silent tales based on humour and nostalgia they also depict human activities in the most mundane scenarios. That said there is always a strong underlayer that questions modernity, politics and aspirations to a better world thanks to innovation, colossal developments and capitalism.
I think the contemporary Olympian agenda would have been of a great inspiration for another Tatiesque feature where laughter is always around the corner. 

Workshop Coffee Marylebone
75 Wigmore Street
London W1U 1QD
nearest tube Bond street
open until 6pm daily

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