Friday 3 May 2013


I am delighted to present as an exclusive Chris Dorley-Brown's Fogs series. 10 images are available for viewing at Marylebone Workshop Coffee & Co. Short stories from an autonomous space are now halfway through the year and we hope to have more to show you by the end of the year in a different format. Meanwhile our artist photographers will fill up the space individually and monthly as usual.

The Fogs
The fog is primarily a mystery. Quintessentially British the mist evokes the drama.  The former East End fog recognised as being produced by the now long gone heavy industries is taking a new role. Its gothic charm has never left our psyche and it thrives in invoking the working class and its tragedies.
Chris Dorley-Brown’s Fogs are landscapes to be lost into. He depicts common architectures being absorbed by this atmospheric phenomenon. In return we re-focus on the history behind those walls and we wander the tarmac mentally. Chris’ Fogs aren’t simply an illustration but a field of study in which we become the central character. Because it is only in the state of being lost that we encounter our true dimension as individual. The Fogs series enable us to invest the East End in a personal quest.

Workshop Coffee Marylebone
75 Wigmore Street
London W1U 1QD
nearest tube Bond Street
open until 5pm daily

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