Saturday 2 March 2013


David George is now occupying the space at the Marylebone Workshop Coffee & Co. branch with the Persistence series. All the square images reveal the ghosts of a derelict building in the East End. Those images are simply beautiful and romantic. They succeed in revealing different timescales at once and produce some strange appeal. Here is David George' statement for this month SHORT STORIES FROM AN AUTONOMOUS SPACE.

I am interested in how photography informs memory, history, and reminiscence, forming new, imagined places captured with a camera. Memory is fragile and infinitely corruptible. Photographs, by the nature of their believed subjectivity, allow the real world to be reinvented and remembered in different ways. This is dependent not only of the re-imaginings of the photographer, but also on the status of the viewer and their relationship with places and their essence.
This series of images, all taken in the East End, reveal buildings in that liminal place between use and demolition. Although abandoned for many years these places still manage to hold onto their identity, their reason for being still persists and pervades the architecture with clues of former occupations. At the same time it allows the viewer to create new personal stories. My photographs aim to depict neither a real world nor a fantasy world but somewhere between, a world of myth and melancholy.

Workshop Coffee Marylebone
75 Wigmore Street
London W1U 1QD
nearest tube Bond Street
open until 5pm daily

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