Saturday, 1 October 2011


Saturday 1st October 2011
Imagining the Olympics

This salon discussion brings together an eclectic body of photographers who have been producing work featuring the spaces of the future Olympic Park. These photographers, all contributors to the book, will debate their own and each others’ work in relation to the official imaging of the site. The overall aim will be to consider the agency of photographic images in urban change, considering photographs as documents, provocations and representations of sites in transition.

Participating photographers include:
Chris Dorley-Brown.
Alessandra Chila.
David George.
Peter Marshall.
Giles Price.
Gesche Wuerfel.

We had a great afternoon on the first floor of the Container cafe on the Green way facing the stadium. The sun was hitting hard and the audience was able to listen and discuss Photography related to the London Olympics agenda. Our dear Peter Marshall was obviously invited such as my friend Alessandra Chila. The selection was rich and versatile and triggered many questions and interests towards the act of Photographing and the subject of a landscape in transitional state.
I was delighted to join the debate and I look forward to get the book curated by Hilary Powell. A publication of the selected artist photographers including today's interviews should be published sometimes in April 2012. More info later...

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