Wednesday, 5 May 2010

GIGLER'S Lea Valley part 1

The project is delighted to welcome German photographer Dominik Gigler on his previous work on the Lea Valley. Gigler lived for more than a decade in London before settling back home. Just before doing so he collected images of the local area where he used to live back then in Hackney Wick. The textures used are definitely non-British and his poetry take us into a mental ballad. The depicted being both nostalgic and refreshing.

The first post focuses on the water landscapes and it is hard to imagine already what it was like. The Lea Valley is full of secrets and a source of inspiration for the East-End communities. Back then the walks would take the individual into an other dimension, an uncertain vacant land where none of the urban or countryside would represent perfectly the sense of belonging. The Lea Valley is an escape, a precious jewel for the soul and Gigler managed to capture this delicate beauty perfectly.

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