Monday, 17 May 2010

GIGLER'S Lea Valley in few words

DB: When did you start on that project and when did you stop ?
DG: I actually only did these the day before they closed down the area, on July 1st think that was... 2007. All of the shots were taken that day...

DB: I also believe you were living in Hackney Wick. So what was your experience then ?
DG: I moved to Hackney Wick in 2007, yes. Really liked it there. It felt a bit off the track, almost like a little village. Only found out a while alter that a lot of creative folks live down there and it was becoming 'trendy', but without the funky bars or cafes...In a way weird and alien...

DB: Anything relevant I could join to your images ?
DG: No need for that... let the images speak... maybe only that they have been taken the day before the closure

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