Friday, 10 August 2012


You will find two articles in one of the latest London Evening Standard from the 8th August 2012 that really encapsulate the power of the medias and of the politics. Pages 20/21 tell the story, "as an exclusive", of the evictions happening in the closest areas of the Olympic sites. They logically take the case of the Carpenters Estate, the closest to the main venues as a generic view point, where some flats have been rented out for the BBC strategic view point. Needless to say that those sad cases are the tip of the iceberg. Those evictions have been going on from the day London won the bid in various forms and will continue in the future as our second article shows on 4/5 of the Property section of the same edition. You can find all the elements in those four pages to make your own opinions on how things are run, from the history, the statements, the acts and even the adverts!

Ethical documentary photography has this ability to capture events in the process and ask some important questions before the medias claim their insight. Our platform and many other artists have been following the process since 2005 and attempted to give a voice to the local communities as much as a global understanding in the most creative and sensitive ways. What we witnessed and what we envisaged takes sadly shape in its most common form. We are not surprised to read such plain articles but experiencing its progress on the largest scale is always difficult to swallow.

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