Monday 12 August 2019

FISH ISLAND 2019 part1

They say "never come back on the crime scene", well it is actually the opposite that makes it exciting with this ongoing project (not the only one who would say so and definitely not the first one to do it)

Friday 12 April 2019


Hoxton Mini Press is publishing a new book about the past East End. It's called "The East End in colour 1980-1990" and its author is Tim Brown. I haven't had a chance to flip though a hard copy as it is only available to pre-order online at this stage. Tim Brown had been assisted by our dear Chris Dorley-Brown in the editing. Another classic? Another best-seller?

Saturday 6 April 2019

A112-A114 S>N

Last leg of this series between the DLR's Prince Regent' station to Forest Park's Wanstead Park station. It has taken me too long to complete that final chapter but having a second child is more than a full time job on top of your job! Very interesting walk in an area new to me. The vibes, colours, architectures, communities keep changing every kilometre. The route is quirky and it reveals a dignified old East End. Old merging with new in some parts, old erased for new and old waiting to be demolished for new. It is a very hybrid urban landscape full of life. 

Sunday 28 October 2018